My new year’s resolution was one of growth. I decided 2018 was the year to add to my knowledge base and become more enlightened. First goal: EDAC Certification. Why EDAC and why now? Over the past number of years I felt that our client work was more important than spending time preparing for the EDAC exam. I floated year-to-year thinking I would soon find time to set aside for studying but of course, that never happened. Not until I gave myself a goal, made it a priority and planned accordingly did time avail itself. Lessons learned: if it is important, make the time; no one will make it for you.

What does it mean to be EDAC certified in healthcare art world? Personally, being EDAC certified, I am now better equipped to:

  • Lead the DAS team into the future of healthcare design
  • Serve our clients due to knowledge gained in EDAC certification process – from sharing past research studies to helping them locate and apply relevant research.

Professionally, I am now a recognizable part of a larger interdisciplinary design team. We share a common language and common goals, allowing us to work together to create evidence-based healthcare solutions that affect the quality of our own future care.┬áIf you know me well, you know I’m interested in contributing to and improving the healthcare industry. As a result of my new knowledge gained through EDAC certification here are some things DAS will now engage in a bit differently: